You can have a private facebook account without worrying about being in public or semi private if you wish.

Short answer: use facebook messaging app

Now a day facebook and many other social media are becoming more famous than ever. Anyone whom have a smart phone, chances are 95% they have facebook whether you’re young or old, but using it safely could be an issue.

Based on my experience since the day of the internet, I remember when I was a freshman in high school getting my first computer with a 9.6k modem connected to the internet was a luxury, from there on I hardly go outside, maybe only to exercise or friends just bother me too much that I need to take a break from the computer. So I think I may know a bit a thing or two on how to be safe on the internet, staying private that is.

Most people worry about having their profile name and some minor detail personal information out on the internet, but it does not have to be, you can control it especially with facebook. However setting your profile attribute to be private could be a daunting tasks. Luckily if you have kids or grand kids especially those teenagers they can help figure it out for you to keep your profile private like a phone #.

A facebook account can be like a phone #, or your phone #, you give to whoever you want to give and hope that the person you gave to doesn’t give it to stranger. So facebook can be setup the same, you can keep your profile 100% private, meaning when someone search by your name or detail about might be you it will not result in the search, if you setup your facebook profile to be private. In the case you want to be private on facebook you can give share with only people you want to have by asking for their facebook name or account then request as friend. Now if you set up your facebook correctly it should remain private and no one on your friend’s friend facebook will be able to view anything about you other than your facebook name, and you can use any facebook name does not have to be your real name. If for some reason your friend’s friends want to add you to their facebook name, you can either ignore or decline, or accept if you trust. If you use facebook for the intention of just messaging then you don’t need to install or visit the or facebook app, you can just use the facebook message, that’s it, you will never see any posts or anything on facebook, you just use facebook as messaging only.

The beauty of using facebook messaging app is you can be anywhere that have internet, just message or call your friend directly from the app. Versus your phone #, example if you have at&t mobile phone service and you’re from the USA, chances are you can only make call within the USA for free based on your monthly plan. If you made call from your at&t phone plan outside of the USA, it will either charge you arm leg per minutes or simply will not work at all. So why go through the hassle with at&t or phone company while you can use facebook message app to text or call with video camera to anyone that have facebook account all over the world. And today, I’m pretty sure most if not all people whom use the internet would have a facebook account, either private or public, you never know unless you ask, and the person may say yes or no, but is it really a “no I don’t have facebook account” or just don’t want you to have it.