launching one successful upgrade updates to another while struggling to stay alive with many failures

According to telegram chat group, reddit, bitcointalk and other blogs, has many failures update one after another since December 10th 2018. was doing so well until December 10th 2018, and no one really know what happened, some thing it’s minor issue, some think it’s failure updates upgrade, some think competency issue with the operators owners. Whatever it is since December 10th 2018, has been a failure when compare to despite the fact that have transparencies of owners more than who remained private. is dying as far as many people are seeing, from one failure attempt to upgrade update to another new methods technologically innovative but all failure. As a result many are thinking isn’t working anymore, they’re just killing time to either exit scam or simply trying to recoup their loss in profit by not paying its members or investors for as long as they can by making excuses after excuses to extend the time to recoup back more profit as possible for whatever they have planned next.

Now the ponzi stuff, the way these platform work is a ponzi scheme. Taking money from new investors to pay older investors while working on ways to promote more investors to come in order to sustain the platform until one day where no new investors coming in then the platform will start to collapsed. The last few attempts of a failing platform is to gain more trust by coming out with new ideas that they say they will implement, like technology, new coins, will add to big exchange, will add more exchange, mind blowing upgrades updates, big bonus for new investors etc. etc. those are the last few attempts for most if not all ponzi, and all these platforms are ponzi scheme just that they do not ever admit to it until one day it disappeared and nothing anyone can do about it. Not just,, evoai, but many many other similar one like this will disappear one day and nothing anyone can do about it. We don’t know who the owner really are, we can only guess and some threaten to sue and even threaten to hurt but these threats appears to be just threats just like how these ponzi scheme platform work saying great things, mind blowing updates upgrade technology and so on, but they never deliver as said.

On Thursday, January 31, 2019, 10:43:31 AM EST, NovaChain [email protected] wrote:
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Dear NOVACHAIN Community,
We are happy to announce the next step in the T-REX launch process. Today, we will begin the Stage 1 Beta Test Phase. We are adding 10 new members of the YouTube community to the program so they can help us further dial-in how to make the user interface process even simpler.
Once this is complete, we will add the remaining group of participating testers, all of whom will be publicly reporting to you in real time how effective the bot really is. Please know, we are working around the clock to bring you the best and most efficient bot the crypto community has ever seen.
We appreciate all the patience, support and positive feedback being expressed in the Telegram chat.
It means so much to us and keeps us working hard so that we don’t disappoint.
Thank you,
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