Hackers sending you fake apple purchase email to steal your apple ID account and identity including your bank account

This is a known fake apple email from hackers trying to hack your apple account and more. It’s also known as scare tactic hacking, fear hacking, tricking you to think that you have purchased something from apple store but you didn’t, so therefore you click on the link to cancel or check out what it is and click on the attachment to preview receipt and you click on the link thinking it’s legit because it’s a receipt not email link, wrong. Just ignore this kind of email somehow got into your inbox bypassing the spam filter. If you worry about your apple account or purchase, then check your account directly on apple website, but don’t click on any link on email or attachment to be 100% safe. Instead type in the link on the web browser.

On Wednesday, January 30, 2019, 10:44:36 PM EST, Apple Store applesotre-purchasehistoryaccesslimitedmanageconfirm98431@accountservice-limitedaccess.com wrote:

[ App Store Receipt ] [ Transaction Receipt ] : Your Payment Created Successfully – Your payment receipt has been confirmed . Transaction Being Processed..-, January 31, 2019

fake apple email lead to you to phishing site to steal your apple account and other personal data such as your identity and bank account