So how is your solar power working for you people of North East USA?

I was among one of the folks living in the North East of USA. Over the past months, how often do you see the sun shine for even 1hr? not too often is it? especially over the past weeks, no sunshine for at least 1 hour per day. So what is your solar power sitting on top of the roof doing? nothing, absolutely nothing, for some people think it’s ugly sitting on top of your roof shingles, for some people think it’s ok looks shiny, but for me I think those solar panels are putting a lot of stress to the roof potential dangers of collapsing your roof especially during big snow storm or windy, the snow can over your roof and making it heavy and hope your home structure can support the roof because those solar power panels arent’s light weight. Sure sure, you say they have done their calculation and 100% safe your roof can support, I don’t think so 100%.

When no sunshine, your solar power produce nothing, no electricity and you would have to pay for the electricity directly to your power company. Depend on what kind of plan you have with the solar company, you could be on many years lease like 30 years, or purchased it with installments, you could be in paying quite a bit more than just using your local power company distribution. Bottom line, northeastern USA and many part of the USA where sunshine don’t shine as much is not an idea place to have solar power installed, it’s not efficient, it’s economical, it’s not practical, if you really want free energy then wind turbine might be better alternative for this locations, but wind turbine appears to be unsafe due to it blade.

The best locations for solar panels I think is desert location where no trees and lots of sunshine, not in location where there are trees and lots of cloudy days storm and so on. So maybe in the western USA and Southern USA best locations to have solar power installed. Around my neighborhood here, there has been at least 3 different solar company trying to sell solar panels to me, but I rejected them all, however there about 2% of the home here have solar on their roof, and I wonder how they feel over the past few months paying for electricity on top of that paying for the lease or installments. Do your research folks, solar power in the not much sunshine locations is not a good idea although you want to be green saving the planet and all, but if you look deeper, it’s not.