Very good actors and actress working with ARB platform?

So it’s been a while with functioning the way it is, based on the telegram chat group, discord, reddit and, what are people thinking now a day about ARB platform?

Conspiracy theory maybe, but a lot of people now are seeing something isn’t right about, many already know it’s functioning like a ponzi scheme at the moment or also known as HYIP (high yield investment program). At the moment and it’s been since December 10th 2018 last year, the ARB platform had been paying it’s members users from little to nothing, whatever changes they made, making it extremely difficult for users to withdraw their daily profit earning to ETH and cash out, it is next to impossible. Some are now resort to the only option they have is to take a 50% loss and activate ETH payout. The ETH payout appears to be working since it was implemented.

The owner of ATB platform so call name David Peterson as most if not everyone know that’s not his real name both first and last name, had released his videos about his life, but the question remain is he the one really running this platform or someone is invisible behind him doing all the orchestrate coding and functioning and David Peterson is only there to represent them as the speaker or so. Most of the stories that David Peterson told on his videos people believe are real, but not 100%. However to many people they don’t really much care where it’s real or not, they care more about ARB platform is working as intended is to pay profit to users, not locking them out or make it impossible to withdraw profit earned.

Conspiracy theory maybe, but another side of this ARB platform is that, more supporters each day dropped off youtube channel like Crypto Austin and Dan L., but again, we don’t know if that’s there real name and if what their intention is because especially for Dan L. his youtube channel appears to be just stuff nothing else. So for the person name Dan L. on youtube, he threaten ARB platform or direct threat to David Peterson asking for payment money and speak negatives about the platform and the owner David Peterson, but is it real? or he’s just acting on youtube to make people see that he’s also a victim to this possible scam, and he’s exiting taking his share of the ARB platform profit. Eventually each of the supporter to ARB that involved operating ARB, not the admins, not the youtubers that support ARB that have other videos not about ARB, but the actual operators of ARB staff will begin to drop off youtube by saying they’re being scammed and they’re reporting to the FTC FBI Police and so on, acting that they’re upset and threaten ARB owner operator and so making it dramatic that they’re being scam, but behind it they’re just actors and actresses slowly exiting the platform so that they don’t get into trouble and this good actors actresses will make the platform look bad and eventually all ARB owner and operators will slowly disappear and totally disappear and nothing anyone can do about it. However this is just a theory, it could be that the owner is in great danger who knows, but if he is then he shouldn’t go into hiding but rather if he’s running a legit program then he should look for local enforcement protection.

Now for the admins in the telegram chat group, about 50% or so of them are just volunteer and they’re like the investors but been in the program for a while and had been helping others making them qualified to be admin the group, highly doubt that they get any incentives. Now the other 50% admins might be different, they’re actually running, coding, support tickets, backend access and so on assisting the volunteer admins to control the chat room and updates. The actual staff admins of ARB telegram chat groups we may never know who they are, but the other 50% we do such as Batman PJ3 Matty Prime and so on so forth … we know these folks and I believe that they’re in the same boat as man others investors, very nice people trying to believe and support the program for its longevity. isn’t the only one hyip ponzi program that will end,, evoai, so on and so forth, these really good one will end as well, the sad thing is no one really know when it will end. Some might longer than other, some will end quickly, some will end slowly as they’re taking time to pack up and go into hiding and 99% of the time authority will not take action or do anything other than a written report for record keeping that’s about it, no arrest, no jail sentence, no proof nothing.