Scammer trying to hack your yahoo mail “New Sign-in attempt, reset your password” is a scam website

Notice the link looks legit right but the actual link is and this website is a hacker scammer phishing site. Do not fall for this old trick in the book, it call social hacking or also known as fear hacking making you to get scared and need to recover your account by clicking on the link right away without thinking it’s a hacking website.

On Tuesday, January 22, 2019, 1:48:05 AM EST, Yahoo [email protected] wrote:
Someone on an unrecognized device attempted to sign in to your Yahoo account.
This sign in attempt was made on:
chrome mobile, android
Dandong, Liaoning, China
If this was you, you’re all set!
Didn’t sign in recently?
Review your account activity and reset your password immediatly.
We will never ask you for your password in an email. If you don’t trust a link in an email, go directly to the normal sign in page via
*Location is approximate based on the IP address it originated from.