personal video from the arb owner real name is not real David Peterson

As many have expected, David Peterson was not his real name, it’s Jeremy or so depend on the spelling it could be a G. and his last name is not Peterson either. However I think after reviewing his video, some of the information is legit such as his picture and him being in the early day of shark tank and his life struggle as an early age. However once again it’s 100% accurate I’m sure, don’t believe everything. I don’t expect people to believe me 100% either but at least take it into account for what a person is trying to do. In this case he’s trying to make you believe in him. It’s up to you to decide really, don’t let others tell you what to believe, you’re old enough to make your own choice, your own decision, but you must live with it, don’t cry or blame someone else on your decision whether it’s good or bad.

On Friday, January 18, 2019, 1:29:44 PM EST, David Peterson (ARB) [email protected] wrote:
I wanted to share with you my life story and tell you everything. This is straight from my heart to you bearing my soul and leaving NOTHING out. It is my personal and business story and how I came to be David Peterson.
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David Peterson
David Peterson (ARB)
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