latest update new announcement to be announce – what? announce to announce new accouncement?

It’s funny on how competitive these platform are, especially between and, they took advantage of each other. has been down completely for almost 2 weeks, online invest or also known as give money to work, total down time for withdrawal of profit to sell to eth has been down since December 10th 2018 til today it’s one month exactly and counting. took advantage of the issue have and get the investors over to their platform with many successful update and announcement.

However once again, both and and many similar platform are ponzi scheme. already show exit scam in progress. last few attempts to get more investors to give them more money included more transparency of their operations and owner so call ceo David Peterson name, these setup included some youtube videos of the house where the car was delivered, but honestly are these actors and actresses? you decide.

If these platform are truly doing arbitraging trade bot, then why can’t they pay the investors or users? especially with ran smooth for a year then issue began with little to nothing payout for investors users, then totally no payout withdrawal at all for 2 weeks and counting … the ceo of kept on coming out speaking with new news that will blow you away, mind blowing ideas, patent in process block and so on and so forth, new update new upgrades, new live stream videos with their head quarter office operation working around the clock, but what really been done? – a few minor code change that took about them weeks to do and it’s not what they say, it did not work, no withdrawal payout and they had to shut it down again and again with new code change and the process repeated many times and many more time will come with ceo David Peterson saying mind blowing updates professional change and so on and so forth with many of their staff on telegram chat group say this is mind blowing awesome update and lots of other positive to get investors interested to stay and get new investors, these are last few attempts until it doesn’t work anymore and then they will disappear and nothing anyone can do about it. Nothing, because these are probably actors and actresses you see as transparent, the people who ran this ponzi scam are in the background hiding.

On Wednesday, January 9, 2019, 2:30:29 PM EST, NovaChain [email protected] wrote:
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Dear NOVACHAIN Community,
At last the long awaited news many of you have been chomping at the bit to discover is finally here!
We are setting the wheels in motion to announce a very exciting enterprise within the NOVACHAIN ecosystem. It’s straightforward, simple and bold. And we believe it will have ripple effects through the crypto space.
To celebrate, we will set in motion the famous countdown timer to mark the special event. If you have not already done so, please connect with us via our Telegram channel or follow us on Twitter.
Thank you,
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