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On Friday, January 4, 2019, 8:02:22 PM EST, NovaChain [email protected] wrote:
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Dear NOVACHAIN Community,
BREAKING NEWS: It is with great pleasure we are pleased to announce the Grand Opening of the new NOVACHAIN platform. The important new platform updates will pave the way for higher volumes, less undercutting and better price support through the new bonus reward system.
Since the inception of NOVACHAIN, it has always been our ultimate goal to create an ecosystem based on free market fundamentals. This next phase of the NOVACHAIN roadmap brings us one step closer to realizing those ideals. Effective immediately, we are increasing the sell limits and will be scaling them up on a regular basis until we can generate enough liquidity and support to remove them completely.
In conjunction with this much anticipated milestone we are introducing new membership programs that will offer a number of advantages to our users.
A. STANDARD Membership: FREE
• Sell Order Limit: 3 orders.
• Buy limit: 3000 NOVA/hour.
• Sell limit: 100 NOVA/day sell limit.
• REX Investment Limit: $200 USD/day (Plus all other NOVA purchased within a 24 hour period.).
*Extra services NOT included
B. PREMIUM Membership: $500 LIFETIME License
• Sell Order Limit: 10 orders
• Buy limit: 5000 NOVA/hour
• Sell limit: 400 NOVA/day
• REX Investment Limit: $500 USD/day (Plus all other NOVA purchased within a 24 hour period).
*Extra services included (Additional details in the membership section).
Both memberships will have access to place orders in both ETH and BTC exchanges.
All the fees collected from the PREMIUM membership will be applied to the new bonus system. These bonuses are designed to organically support the price and prevent undercutting.
All fees collected from undercutting orders will be paid to Masternode holders.
Each of these parameters will be periodically reviewed and updated according to the community requirements and long term interests of the platform.
Please be aware that when the new platform launches, it will reset some of the internal systems. Some items affected will be:
• Both the ETH and BTC exchanges will reset.
• All open orders will be cancelled and need to be reentered.
• All balances in the REX profit wallets will be converted to NOVA tokens at the current REX price and credited to the NOVA wallet. If you would like to have these profits REINVESTED instead of converted, you will need to perform this manually before the update.
• All REX payments will be processed at 8 AM UTC, instead of the normal 6 AM UTC.
We look forward to what 2019 will bring and are already hard at work mapping out the next big reveal on our agenda. Make sure to keep up to speed with all the updates and alerts on our community chat.
Thank you for your trust and patience,
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