apple support scam “[ Notification ] [ New Statement Adds ] : We recieve your ticket about information changed in January 4, 2019. [ Mail Report #89038 ]”

Be careful when you received similar email with subject title above and body of the email written like below. It’s a scam, do not open the attachment file, do not respond, do not click on anything link on the email. It’s one of those email that your spam mailbox bot couldn’t capture and flag as spam and make you think it’s legitimate. Look at the email actual email address to respond to, it’s not actual domain of but the name is support. Do not fall for this. If you want to get support or check if apple really contacted you then give them a call directly or log into your apple account and contact support directly.

On Thursday, January 3, 2019, 8:59:13 PM EST, Apple Inc [email protected] wrote:
Dear user,
We recieve ticket #89038 in 4 January 2019
Please find attached file for your reference about this problem.
Apple Inc.