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In addition to google-adsense, you can earn extra money through amazon associates, there are tools out there that you can get all kind of items/products from amazon website to your websites and when people buy from your website through amazon you get some commission.

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Amazon Bounty Program. Learn more.
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Amazon Bounty Referral Program
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Earn more with the Amazon Bounty Referral Program!
In addition to the advertising fee with qualifying purchases, the Amazon Bounty Program offers fixed fees for each bounty driven. The bounty is triggered when your visitors complete an action that is part of the program. For example, if you direct your user to the Prime Video link and they sign up for a free trial, you will receive a $3* bounty for each sign up.
BGR, an Amazon associate, earned more through the Bounty Program with this great execution.
In March 2018, BGR cleverly incorporated an upsell to sign up for Prime Free Trial on a page where they promoted an exclusive sale for the Fire TV stick. This increased their Prime Free Trial bounty by 6 times the average daily rate! Check out their successful placement here.
Watch this short video about Amazon Bounty Program and click here to see full list of Amazon Bounty Programs you can take advantage of.
The Amazon Associates Program
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