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On Wednesday, January 2, 2019, 5:37:15 AM EST, Exrates from Exrates [email protected] wrote:
Dear users!
One more present from Exrates!
We’re glad to announce that Exrates starts the first EXRATES Prediction Lab lottery!
As you know we launched the prediction service( where we’re testing our technology that allows to predict the BTC price rate vector – Pump and Dump.
For each unfulfilled prediction we transfer 0.01 BTC to a special lottery fund, and today we launch a 0.08 BTC giveaway for 8 out of 20 unfulfilled predictions to our community!
All those who wish to participate must confirm participation by clicking on the button in pinned message of the Exrates community group( in Telegram.
At the end of the specified time 2 winners will be selected randomly among the confirmed participants.
The each winner will take the lottery prize 0.04 BTC!
Stay tuned, because our team prepared lots of profitable contests for 2019!
Happy New Year!
Exrates Team.
Exrates from Exrates
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