Is ARB platform still making money for users investors through arbitraging profits?

Many ARB platform investors/users are concerned now in many different areas. One of the concern is, a question rather, is ARB platform making money for users/investors through arbitraging bots? because it does not seem like it.

The reason for this concern is because of the new update implemented many weeks ago and still being tweak, the update basically have 9 active blocks showing on the exchange page with left side being sell orders of arb, and right side being buy orders of arb from ETH. The left side, sell ARB orders appears to be always red, just blink of an eye available light pink sometime and no one really know when.The right side most if not all the time light green, dark green mean order to buy ARB from ETH. So what this mean is there are more seller of ARB than to buy ARB, and a lot of seller, more like 95% or more selling ARB then buying ARB, like 5% or less buy ARB. And your orders to sell ARB will get stuck or stay pending to sell for a very very long time if no buyer.

So what does this mean when you see block like this? most people now think the platform is not being honest and had been tricking the users investors thinking that the profit are through arbitraging bots. If so then why it’s more visible now that it’s not, because the pay out profit cannot be sell easily? if the aBot earned profit daily is truly from arbitraging bots that ARB platform make, then why could not the users investors sell it quick at market price? I can understand why people whom purchased ARB from external exchange like coinexchange and those who purchased ARB and hold, should not have priority or should not even use the ARB to sell at all. However the people whom invested in aBot and never play game with the aBot by going in and out many times, these people should not get impacted, they should be able to sell daily profit without any issue. Apparently not.

So it’s becoming more visible now that it appears that if no new investors or buyer of ARB then there will be no more money to pay the users investors. Does this sounds like a high yield investment program (hyip)? or more of a ponzi scheme? well, never admit its running a hyip or ponzi scheme, but what ARB is doing now a day is becoming more visible of a ponzi scheme hyip … no new investors no pay out, no new more added no pay out, slow money coming in slow money paying out, eventually no new investors total no pay out. However they will not say that they cannot pay, but rather say something that point to an existing or real reason why they cannot pay or they’re working on something super special will be mind blowing for investors.

As of today, look like ARB platform is running out good strategies to keep investors users interested, from trouble free no restriction, to news and update of :we’re just getting started”, to Las Vegas cryptos conference winning the token tank, to newly developed blocks buy/sell, to the many youtube videos of the owner ceo speaking with lately showing their so call HQ (head quarter) in northern texas usa or so they say, what can they come up next that will keep new money coming in (new investors)? hopefully more better one, otherwise this ARB platform will continue to collapse if they don’t come up with something new that work, that will bring more investors more money, otherwise it will go bye bye quick. In the end, the looser are most of us, especially the late investors, the winner is always the owner operator ceo admins code dev and so on whoever running it, splitting the profit among then. Nothing we can do about it since everything about them can be fake or are fake, does anyone of us know the office or head quarter of ARB or know where ceo owner name David Peterson live? I don’t think so.