3 weeks and counting updates on latest progress paying out profit for investors users – issues still exist

Yesterday released latest update for abot users/investors allow them to place sell their arb tokens earned from abot daily profit, finally after 3 weeks everyone were excited and started to put in orders, many orders went through the first day, but not without issues. Many users initially have problems selling their arb token profit but then eventually they were able to place order and some went through and withdraw their ETH to their wallet.

So, what are the update and fixes? basically not much, it’s still the same issue users had for 3 weeks and counting, updates went in, withdrawal occurred and then 8 hours later back to square one, the same issue where users/investors have problem selling their daily earned profit, the nine (9) blocks are always red filled fulled, even you got in it’s not guaranteed it will get sold anytime soon because no buyer or the price dropped then you loose your position of selling immediately. Furthermore if you select “more selling” option, chances are your order may not go through for a long long long and never if the arb token price keep dropping or never reach to your sell limit. Some people voice their opinion that they’re being manipulated forcing them to only have one option is to wait.

The big issue still exist, which is selling their earned profit daily, it cannot be done easily, not even with the PRO+ membership. Some people successfully got their order went through after wasting many hours working with it and hours to a day or more waiting for ETH withdrawal. But, for the many still have to wait. The earning profit daily was auto reinvested for many days leaving many users have not enough arb to sell because the minimum arb required to sell is 1, and as the price go up, it may take a long long long time for investors that don’t have much money invested to sell, and the platform could manipulate the price where users cannot sell easily or the open orders would takes lots of time to sell or never if the price is being manipulate where they pay who they want to pay. It’s clearly the price is being controlled by the arb operators owner ceo, since it no longer matching with arb token price,

A few people attempted to contact to see what’s going on, why coin price for arb token is at $7 and the platform price is at $20, and why the position moved from top 70s 80s to 1700s 1800s on, the respond were coins circulation problems giving by the developer team to the exchange. Meaning clearly there were some kind of manipulation. Some people think the manipulation on that day where showing arb token to be on top 70s because the owner or operator of arb token platform send the wrong data or fake data to push the coin up briefly to attract investors to buy so the arb token developer can sell and have big eth pocket volume at a later time. When that was revealed or done, the data was reset to a more realistic position.

For the membership area where you have to pay $50 a month or so, or $500 lifetime membership, it’s only useful for big investors that have $100k or more or so, in order to benefit. However don’t let the benefit full you because it only allow to sell higher volume per hour per day, but still limit to if the platform can sell your limit order set or even with auto-sell (automatically sell) still you’re in the queue waiting and hopefully your order will get executed. Once again, the order may get executed or may not depend on the price of arb, and again arb is now controlling the price, how they do it, no one really know for sure 100% we can only speculate.

So what’s the negatives and positive now? – positive, you can put in order now. – the negative, it’s not guaranteed your order will get processed and sold. That’s to summarized it. Further negatives, you can only put in sell order for what you’ve earned today and must be at least 1 whole arb. For most users, it will take a long time to earn 1arb if the price keep going up, if their investment is not at least $20K as of now. If you have purchased arb in the past and been holding it in your your external wallet, you cannot move it into arb platform and sell, but you can sell on coinexchange but the price is ridiculously low compare to arb platform, you will loose money. Even if you purchases the arb tokens initially long time ago inside the arb platform, still you cannot sell it or do anything with it inside the arb platform. Although they say, “exchanged earned wallet” have priority of placing order, and “exchange wallet” have lower priority, and “system wallet” and “abot stop wallet” have super low priority, basically the only arb you can really sell is earned wallet even that could never get triggered if the price never reach your limit set to sell.

So all in all, it’s getting worst and worst, it’s not getting any better as the ceo of said, he said it will get a lot better than before, the new update will be mind blowing, will be big surprise, everyone will love it, we will dominant the cryptos so on and so forth, those are just strategies to keep people interested so they can work on analyzing ways to make money in their pocket and keep getting newer investors in to profit some more before exiting. That’s right, exiting scam, been around a year, it is long enough for a high yield investment program (hyip) to exit, not too many ponzi scheme scam lasted long as this one, maybe bitconnect but they’re long gone.

Who’s next? well we have, evoai, upstake and one-eight … and many more but those are the big one that will exit soon also. You can profit from these hyip ponzi, but just have to get in early and hope they don’t close down soon. Indication of closing down is exactly what happening on they will start having issues then blame it on something that really exist, and then blame on more and more issue and eventually users lost trust and interest is when the owner ceo operators really abandoned the program and nothing anyone can do about it, just like many previous platform cointellect, coingeration, bitconnect and so on, these were big ponzi that have many people showing up their face and running them but in the end nothing anyone can do, they just simply disappear, it’s the risk people need to know when doing ponzi, invest what you can afford to loose, don’t cry, don’t seek revenge, live with it. I’m telling you because I have been on many of them in the past, ponzi scheme, pyramid scam, multilevel marketing, all are the same high yield investment program (hyip), if you want to make money with it, get in and get out fast never look back, if you look back they will trick you to invest again, just move on to new ponzi, a bunch of them exist out there, just need to know which one will last long for you to get your capital or return of investment (ROI) back.

Buckle up and get ready. NO MORE COMING SOON!!! It’s Happening!
Words do not do it justice with what we have done. This is a MEGA update.
I would say its more significant than all updates and new features we have ever done COMBINED.
The updates and new features will start to be rolled out at 11:00 AM Tomorrow morning (Saturday) Coordinated Universal Time Which is 4:00 AM Saturday, Central Time (CST).
Yes, it is early, but I want ALL my developers around the world to be all hands on deck to answer all your questions in the channel and post any bugs, typos, or just if you would like to give them a “thank you.” They have put there heart and soul into this, and I couldn’t be more proud of them and their relentless dedication to the platform.
Moreover, I want to thank each and every one of you who have sent in suggestions. I am an inventor by trade and it A LOT of these new updates and features was inspired by you. So please keep them coming.
You guys have trusted me from the start to deliver what I say and believe we seriously have only just begun. Someday you will look back on arbitraging and how you were part of its infancy.
SO pumped to roll out these new features and updates and show you how we have taken it to the next level.
Everything is coming together!

TOO THE MOON! Thanks, David
David Peterson CEO