users abot investors have not been able withdraw sell profits daily for 3 weeks and counting

It has been 3 weeks and counting users/investors of the arb tokens platform not able to withdraw their daily profit to sell to eth. The problem appears to happen back in December 10th 2018 or even sooner. Where started to do some maintenance without users/investors knowledge, a day later or so the platform went back online but to find new updated functionality where users being charged with fees for selling arb lower than the market price, according to arb admins chat room, it is to prevent under-cutter.

Users finding themselves being charged with high fees, and have to wait for their order to execute because of market price sometime never got to them. Then a couple days later, the platform got shut down again for maintenance for a couple days then it went back online with even harder to sell daily profit, not even at market price. The so call block have more sell filled in red than buy volume, clearly people want to get out the platform as some smart users know the platform will collapsed soon. The new block method arb called it genius design first of it kind, but users find it next to impossible to sell their profit daily because of needing have to sit and wait for block to change color and hopefully with a quick enough finger to click in and get order in and hope it will get executed. Then a couple days later the platform got shut down again and then up a little bit, then totally shut down since for 3 weeks and counting and it is still down as of now.

So 3 weeks with arb token platform not working with the main abot profit daily sell. What can users do? nothing, other than voice their opinion and worries on telegram group chat being banned and muted by admins. Some admins and others in the chat room called the investors whom complaint stupid in investing money they cannot afford to loose or needed to cash out for emergency. Some investors for sure needing the money immediately for emergency or gifts since it was holiday Christmas and New Year but the arb platform simply not available for them to withdraw profit at all. Some admin said that the arb platform have not scammed anyone, but yet soon everyone will most likely get scammed at the same time as it is now where most if not all everyone can sell their daily profit, it’s been locked up prevent any withdrawal, but still allow investors to invest and put money into the platform, isn’t that funny? prevent withdrawal, but allow investing or put money in, especially with the new so call vault where your arb tokens or eth get locked up although they say you can withdraw, but have anyone tried yet and how long will it stay unlocked for you withdraw before the same issue will happen like abot where you get locked from doing anything.

According to the telegram chat room, it appears that the owner CEO so call DP (David Peterson) name has been in the chat room, or someone else’s using his account to chat with the users, but mostly being protected by the admins prevent any negatives talk. Arb messages to users investors always have the slogan of “we just getting started”, “this platform will be the best one of a kind”, “we always improving the system”, “new changes to sustain the platform” yeah that’s it, this last comment “new changes we working on will sustain the platform for many years to come” that’s it, it’s key, but when? or is it ending now? just need sometime to pack up. Have anyone notice the website no longer have the staffs pictures profile? the website no longer have milestones? the website no longer have the white paper posted? is it because they’ve pocket enough money for exit scam now and just need existing users investors interested so they don’t report to police authority so soon. No one really know to be honest. I have seen many programs like this don’t even last 3 months, but this ark token platform lasted 1 year already. Similar platform in the past and some even a lot bigger than like cointellect, they don’t even last 6 months, coingeneration lasted 7 months, bitconnect maybe a year or less and I’m counting from the day they started paying investors.

Also watch out for marketing strategy in the arb telegram chat group where so often you will see someone will say how awesome the platform is, they will say things like “A family member of mine turned me onto this has an abot over $300,000 and its awesome to see him makin nearly 2k/day” or “financial freedom” or “making me rich” or “I’m retiring” or “money machine” such and such. These are most likely fake users saying things for you to see keeping you interested stay positive and one day you will get rich too by investing and reinvesting like them, they’re most likely not real users, try and private chat with them to see what they say, you can tell after asking a few smart questions.