Safe to say now is a ponzi scheme exit scam in progress in the next few months

Based on negatives comments/feedback from many people on the internet especial in social media, not the telegram chat group for that is since that chat room is heavily controlled by admins will mute and ban anyone talk negatives about arb platform.

The arb platform telegram chat group/room is getting silly as I’ve seen investors very concern about their investment and asked legitimate question but either getting ignored or being answered by users/chatters in there with none-sense or unprofessional. For example one user asking how much arb token being stuck in arb platform during the changes over the past three weeks, and the answer they got was quad-trillion … from a common chatter in the chat room supposed to help others not making fun of them. This is just one example and if you’re in the chat room you will find answers like this. However there are some believers are that are still in the telegram chat room chatting, and most of their comments and feedback are repeated, positive feedback such as, go arb, to the moon, we love arb, we love DP, thank you DP (David Peterson name as owner CEO of, we trust arb will be around for years, and so on… these feedback came from known people in the chat room for a very long time and especially from admins. Some people with positive feedback comments are investors does not want the program to fail because they got their capital investment money stuck in the arb platform and currently being locked, impossible to withdraw.

Many people trusted arb platform now shifting gear especially those that already got their capital or initial investment back already now trying to exit the platform by withdrawing selling, but it’s next to impossible to sell their arb exiting the abot, because the blocked them from withdrawing and sell to eth, even arb to coinexchange to sell to ETH that have heavy loss seem to be impossible. These are clear indication that the platform in is trouble or trying to kill time to exit scam. If problem continue for next month of January 100% this is a ponzi scheme exiting scam already in progress.

From my personal experience investing on similar program from many years ago coingeneration, cointellect, coinbee, ipsplus, bitconnect and many others, all these have actual people showing their face on the website and social media, publicly appears in person representing their business or company but end up disappear without much trace and the authority not doing anything much about it because it’s cryptocurrencies there isn’t fiat money involve. It’s like you got scammed by nigerian scammers, 99% of the time the authority have nothing to work with to find out who the scammers are, only 1% get caught.

So where do we go from here. Let start by saying, I was involved with similar project in the past. I gained $10k from here, loss $10k from there, make $15k from here, loss $15k from there, in the end you will loose, for me in the end I didn’t loose, I gain some not much, that’s how I learned and want to let people know what I learned. I saw a person in happily showing off his $200K investment in the abot of arb platform, hopefuly that person already got his initial investment back, but according to his video youtube he reinvested some. Because if that person with $200K investment didn’t cash out a penny, then chances are he will have a tough time now to cash out because from now on on arb platform will be just pure manipulation making you to continue to believe and stay positive with the platform because if you turn negative you will loose all your money faster.

Once again, if within the month of January 2019 and is not back to normal problem free, that’s 2 months of problems. Then from there on, will be just playing game with you, making you to believe and stay positive as they pack up cleanly and withdraw all their coins and erase all their finger prints, total clean of any evidence that could lead authority after them quick. Once they’re gone, the arb platform will be left running operating by ghosts and what will happen to those admins in the telegram chat room? well, some will keep their mouth shut, some will cry, some will make money and just leave and move on, some remain anonymous and continue on to their scam programs just like What about and evoai and a bunch others? well how do we know it’s not being operate by the same owner or same ponzi scam team? we don’t, they will manipulate us and make us believe in them and make a few followers under them to believe and make others to believe until they no longer believe and go bye bye.

So what’s my prediction on what going to do next? it’s simple really, they will keep coming up with excuses of not being to make the platform work for selling/withdrawing profits, or your profits earning get put into something that even have higher profit so you wouldn’t want to withdraw selling, or may force you to put into certain area of investment that the only way you can with your earning. will continue to make believers to continue to believe as long as they can while they pack up and last attempt to get more investors as older investors arb tokens or eth getting stuck in the platform like ETH arb. Just keep something in mind, most of the telegram chatters people in there are fake, comments such as “wow I just make 35arb in 5 minutes in the new vault platform new feature new investment platform arb2.0”, they comments feedback positive so the people who is reading will get excited and buy in and put in their investment in those vault and get locked up. In the end, sad to say, not too many people win, the real winner is the scammer owner operators themselves, those people don’t have a heart because most of us are poor and trying to make that dollar for some food or for love one of the quick way is through these high yield investment program (hyip) although we know it’s high risk.