scam email from [email protected] scare tactic to get you to buy their service

If you own a domain name or a website, chances are you will encounter similar email below demanding you pay for service. However these service you don’t even have or don’t even know what they are. Chances are you will get frighten and pay them right away to get it renewed. Well, don’t fall for this scam. There are scam and risk everywhere now a day, just be careful, get educated, think twice, ask for second opinion before you fall for this scam learning it the hard way loosing both time and money.

On Thursday, December 20, 2018, 6:00:41 PM EST, Domain SEO-Renewal Notification [email protected] wrote:
Date: 20/12/2018
Dear ,
The Domain SEO-listing shown below are set for renewal and need to be processed in the next 48 hours.
No need to worry, please go to this link and follow the instructions:
Your product details are listed below:
Product Name :
SEO-Renewal for .com
Expiration Time::
48 hours from today 2018/12/20
Renewal cost per annum:

Total required amount: $69.00
Information on how to renew your domain can be found here:
This offer is only valid for 48 hours as a courtesy to let you know that your domain is expiring soon and this search engine optimization offer will expire.
Should your domain name expire, there is going to be a signifcant drop in search engine services for your website, email and any other associated services.
This domain seo registration for .com courtesy offer will end in 48 hours from today 2018/12/20.
Renewal service department

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