latest update from 0,1 BTC Christmas lottery from Exrates! I believe is legit, it’s on and other similar index websites for cryptocurrencies coins circulation.

Below is a message being sent to all users. The bottom line, is go ahead and subscribe to all free airdrop, lottery, drawing, etc. all of them, however just remember not to use your personal email rather create a single account for this type of stuff, if they asked for personal information like address and phone which is ok also, make a single phone # for this, and use PO BOX address.

On Thursday, December 20, 2018, 8:43:11 AM EST, Exrates from Exrates [email protected] wrote:
Dear user there,
We’ve launched our Community Group in Telegram.
There you can discuss coins and trading methods, share opinions concerning forecasts, ICO, STO and investments in crypto assets.
And also try your luck in lotteries, contests and giveaways!
Don’t skip your first opportunity to earn with Exrates Community! In the group we launch the Christmas lottery!
Get your Christmas present from Exrates – 0,1 BTC!Join and check the pinned message to participate!
Waiting for you to join!
Exrates Team.
Exrates from Exrates
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