ARB platform Abot is still not allowing users to withdraw profit to exchange

It’s way passed the end of the day around 11PM eastern USA time, and the ARB platform still don’t have Abot working for users to move their profit to exchange yet. All the investors are now concerned because there wasn’t any scheduled downtime mentioned or notified to the investors ahead of time for such long down time so call for maintenance. Whatever they’re doing seems to taken more than 12 hours already no one was able to take profit to exchange.

At the moment according to telegram chat group, look like David Peterson name was in the chat and maybe he is still now. He is answering questions and concern that people have also leaked some new news implementation and so to keep people ease off from panicking of exit scam and so on. Although in the chat room of, negative talk about, even if it’s the fact or truth, it is not permitted, you will get muted then ban immediately. The admins in the telegram chat room only allow positive talk about platform, any negative comments will get you muted then banned. Look like the admins are getting tougher each day, at the moment to protect David Peterson when he chat, the admins are in full force of watching reading each message carefully, they act like body guard for David Peterson chat.

Well, let’s call it day one no profit can be taken to exchange, hope tomorrow for something positive, hope the platform will allow withdrawal to exchange, don’t count on it too much though. It is indeed a platform that relate to hyip (high yield investment platform) where a lot of people looses their money in the end. Just be careful on similar investment where at first you will get paid flawlessly then issue start to arise because of improvements and maintenance in progress, and in the end those issues became imminent and eventual not too many investors able to cash out, those who can cash out are either friends of the owners operators or admins of the chat room or people whom supported the platform by getting close with the owners operators.

In the past platform like, including which survived 1 year or so totally shut down and owner ran away with investors money and nothing anyone can do about it because of anonymous domains, hosting, and they’re using money that cannot be trace easily. Then didn’t survive a year and they have lots of staff showing their faces on facebook and attended many convention and even have their own booth. Lastly, you can do your own research on google about bitconnect since they still fresh exit scam, and guess what? nothing anyone can do about it, no one get arrested, I think they last almost 1 year or so or a little bit more. Then there are many other hyip which didn’t last even 6 months, some 3 months, the rest are 1 month. Let’s hope is not one of  them, many believe will last a very long time, just that they have hiccup here and there, Novachain EVOAI and a bunch other doing worst than

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  1. From official telegram group pinned message: aBOT START/STOP UNDER MAINTENANCE

    The aBOT start and stop buttons will be off while we perform maintenance and prepare the upgrades for the new initiative, per voting results.

    Once we have the upgrade in place and have all the choices made we will open this feature again for all users.

    We appreciate your patience and we will get back to 100% ASAP.

    Arbitraging Team

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