Approaching day 2 investors still cannot withdraw their ARB tokens profit to exchange from

Look like the announcement in regards to aBot being down was finally posted up last night after one day of downtime without notice. Along with the announcement, voting system is up and live. voting system is up but is it real votes from actual users? is it transparent? if it tied to your arb tokens serialized so it’s real but are those tokens holder real users or just massive address being created and programmed to vote for whatever result the program want it to be?

According to the telegram chat group of and other forums such as and reddit, people express their concern in regards to the aBot not working for them, it does not allow them to take profit to exchange for almost two days now and counting. This negatives feedback is a fact, and will hurt the platform. Some think that the platform is now playing game off and on, manipulating investors to believe that it is under maintenance for greater things to come, but really what they’re doing is just to kill time and find ways to get more investors in. However there are also a great number of people investors believe in arb platform, whether it’s true feeling of believe or not, or just simply show their believe just to make sure the platform will run longer to profit. It’s really hard to say, there are half and half, the true believer appears to be smaller now as the believer in the past start to change and just faking that they’re believing so newer investors can jump in so the older investors can profit and maybe leave the platform as it approaching 1 year running typically for a high yield investment (hyip) related project such as this.

Now there are also positive feedback, and appears to be on the offfical telegram group of These positive feedback appears to be all positive on the chat group, because admins do not tolerate negative feedback or silly questions, or questions asked multiple times. So therefore the positive feedback appears to be in the telegram chat only where admins controlled. As for in, reddit and many other websites appears to be mostly negatives, where investors users tied this to high yield investment program (hyip), whould give you 0.5% or 22% profit monthly? not even bank in other countries can match, only hyip program which is dangerous.