yobit.net new ico hyip high yield investment program (hyip)

Let me first say that yobit.net is not a scam, if it is then it wouldn’t be still in business or get listed on coinmarketcap and other legitimate related index to cryptocurrencies websites. However, part of yobit.net is running a program or project called investbox, and it keep coming out of new ico coins with its internal trading platform. In other word, the yobit.net internal platform have coins abbreviation ticker that matches with other real coin showing up on coinmarketcap but it is for its internal usage only, meaning you cannot withdraw the coins to your external wallet because it’s not real real coin. For example you bought MEME coin and you think it’s the real MEME coin and can withdraw it to your local wallet, no, that will not work because the MEME coin on yobit investbox is fake.

Yobit.net kept on coming out with new icos to attrack people, and off course there are some winner, and some looser. They are not scam, they just run a program similar to high yield investment program hyip. If you know what you’re doing and maybe lucky to get in and get out with profit, otherwise you could get stuck with the coin you purchased or exchanged traded for a long long time and hope one day it will go back up again, it’s just a risk. Again, it’s not a scam, it’s a hyip, get in get out when you profit, if you greedy, you may loose, or may have to wait long time hoping for what you traded or purchased will go back up.

On Tuesday, December 18, 2018, 4:03:46 PM EST, Yobit News [email protected] wrote:
YoBit ICO in 15 hrs!
Dear YoBit Users!
New ICO in 15 hrs, timer: https://yobit.io/en/ico/timer/
ICO coins: 100,000
ICO price: 0.00479000 btc
ICO amount: 479.00 btc
ICO rules:
100% buy wall in BTC (ico price, unlimited time)
3% daily InvestBox
Sincerely yours,
Team of yobit.io
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