Free credit and identity theft monitoring “Action Requested: Your TrustedID Subscription Will Expire”

“Action Requested: Your TrustedID® Subscription Will Expire” If you get an email like below, it is legit, and it is because your identity in the past was compromised. So therefore you’re getting a free credit monitoring service. Before it was from another service, now changed to 

The process of switching is super easy, if you received similar email below, it is legit, move mouse cursor over the sign up link, make sure it is a legit website link to experian forward to, make sure spelling is correct, and just following simple steps. They already have your information just want to make sure it’s the real you, and only you would know the real information.

I have to say first look at they have more information about you that the other one. Look like they even have information about your email whether your email was once compromised or leaked to hackers because you’re using one of the service with database been compromised. There are a lot more to explore in there not just your credit report with credit card balance and so on.

On Monday, December 10, 2018, 1:09:29 PM EST, TrustedID Customer Service [email protected] wrote:
To continue an additional year of free credit monitoring, enroll in IDnotify™ by Experian Open in browser
EQUIFAX Experian
Enroll in IDnotify™ by Experian
Dear ,
This email is a follow-up to the notice you recently received from Equifax about the opportunity for another year of complimentary credit monitoring. Equifax® has chosen Experian® to provide you with this additional year of free credit monitoring services through their IDnotify™ product. Equifax offered complimentary TrustedID® Premier so consumers could obtain free monitoring services following the Equifax 2017 cybersecurity incident.
To activate your additional year of free monitoring service, click here or on the button below.
Enroll Now
IDnotify includes key features for your protection similar to those that were included in TrustedID Premier, at no cost:
3-Bureau Credit File Monitoring
$1M Identity Theft Insurance
Dark Web monitoring with alerts
The ability to lock your Experian credit file
IDnotify from Experian is completely free. No credit card required.
You must enroll in IDnotify by January 31, 2019. When your TrustedID expires, you will no longer have free credit monitoring services unless you enroll in IDnotify.
For more information, visit the FAQs page.
Your Equifax Customer Care Team
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