News update email from “upcoming live stream to show the upgraded and new features of the Arbigtaging platform”

According to, the CEO of David Peterson sent out an email to update their users, below. The live stream youtube he mentioned supposed to happen to weeks ago, but it never happen, but there are reasons as mentioned in the email.

However, is it really important for live stream youtube? as many said that they only seen like about 100 people really watching it, but if we look at it closer a copy of the livestream being reupload to other support accounts and so it could be a lot more.

Today according to the telegram chat room, there are a few people said they could not move their ARB token coins to exchange, or some people moved their tokens to internal wallet from abot to ARB wallet transferred successfully but cannot move to the exchange to sell. However the issue was momentarily rectified but it happened again. So it appears that the arb dev. team is working on improving the platform.

No one really know what the new platform upgrade changes will have. My guess is have to do with the undercutters. Restrict that somehow, and maybe some restriction on people whom purchase ARB from external exchange and then put it on ARB platform Wallet to sell, it’s liek arbitraging ARB between external exchange and ARB internal platform, so if you transferred ARB from external exchange to ARB wallet internal exchange and sell it for a profit, you might be in for a surprise, that you might be able to sell it, your ARB tokens might get stuck in the internal Wallet and the only way is to withdraw or put into aBot. Again just a guess.

As for the undercutters, look like the platform will have check and balance, meaning if you sell your ARB to ETH as a loss, it will at least give you a big red warning message that your sell is at a loss and how much loss, but I think it will even go further by preventing you from selling at a loss by requiring you to sell at the lowest price, or some auto sell if you a lot of arb to sell.

On Sunday, December 2, 2018, 6:45:21 PM EST, David Peterson (ARB) <[email protected]> wrote:

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!
I would like to thank you for your patience in waiting for my upcoming live stream to show the upgraded and new features of the Arbigtaging platform.

We want to ensure that they are rock solid before releasing them. Unfortunately, the holiday has pushed that back quite a bit as our staff was spending time with family.
*IMPORTANT* You might experience some brief interruptions on the exchange as we start to implement a small portion of the new changes.

With 50,000 users you can test as much as you like. However, some things just cannot be simulated until those same 50,000 users can jump on and use them. For that reason, I wanted to wait until all hands were on deck to to ensure fixing any possible bugs or addressing any support issues that may arise.

We have only just begun!
David Peterson
David Peterson (ARB)

Global World Technology LTD. MDE Building, 7th Floor Purcell Estate P.O. BOX:4417, Temasek, WY VG1110

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