Can novachain compete with or are they the same owner operators?

Lots of maintenance and a bit of issue with while work flawless except the undercutters, those that set to sell their ARB tokens are super low price so they can be the first in line to get executed.

Just keep in mind and be safe, these two platform been paying and looks very promising long term, no one really complaint yet on not getting paid. However paying for long and how much only time will tell, no one know.

There are lots of opportunity for both platform to survive and profit long term. I don’t know which one have arbitraging capability or are they really doing it, or just plain casino gambling or using the money invested by users to invest on something else that yield super high profit then give it back to the arb tokens members investors. 22% profit a month is quiet a bit high, while the world leading investors only profit 22% per year, that is Warren Buffet. If you ask Warren Buffet about ARB and Novachain he wouldn’t be able to answer correctly since he’s not into Cryptocurrencies however he should know about arbitraging, if so then he would say it’s legit. So if ARBitraging and Novachain can proof that they are arbitraging then Warren Buffet would say it’s legit.

On Tuesday, November 27, 2018, 5:04:15 PM EST, NovaChain <[email protected]> wrote:

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Dear NOVACHAIN Community,
We are happy to announce you that our security audit is over and you can login again to our site.

Please be informed that due to an API wallet system bug that we have identified and fixed during the audit, we were forced to cancel all pending withdrawals and to clear all whitelisted ETH/BTC addresses.

All pending withdrawals will be refunded and can be reinitiated for our next withdrawal timeframe, at 21.00 UTC tomorrow.

Also all users will have to whitelist again their ETH/BTC wallets under Profile menu, as a mandatory security feature.

At this moment, deposits and withdrawals have been reactivated and can be used.

Thank you for your patience,



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