Bitcoin BTC Ethereum ETH Ripple XRP crashing toward 2019 and further how to make money off your cryptos currencies holding?

Just want to share this method again on having a daily consistent income to your bank cash. platform is the place, as long as the platform exist, you will make money consistently daily. How long will the platform last? it will last for a long time, other similar platform will died first before will died. How will it died? most likely “Ordered to Cease and Desist” and the other one would be exit scam, but again this will last the longest longer than similar copycat one, because it has more users, more visibility transparency of the staff and owners, they would be going to jail easily if something happened like bitconnect, but until today we don’t know bitconnect owner. ARB coin also appear on coinmarketcap and gaining momentum to be top 100s and up further.

So here’s the method using platform.

  1. Get $10,000 sitting around doing nothing, you can also risk your credit card balance transfer with 0% interest for 12 months … but make sure you have funds on bank to pay back just in case something gone wrong.
  2. Buy $10,000 worth of Ethereum ETH coin from coinbase, gemini, etc. where ever you like.
  3. Deposit the Ethereum ETH to via MetaMask wallet.
  4. Buy ARB tokens coin on platform
  5. Put ARB tokens coin into aBot on platform.
  6. Check the aBot ID and time. It is Eastern USA time.
    1. Set your alarm daily to that time exactly
    2. When your alarm go off daily, immediately logon to
    3. Move your ARB tokens coins to Exchange
    4. Exchange your ARB tokens coins to ETH coins
    5. Move your ETH to your Wallet
    6. Under wallet, request withdraw ETH to your Metamask wallet
    7. ~ 2 hours later check make sure your ETH is deposit to your Metamask wallet
    8. Move your ETH from your metamask wallet to your exchange like coinbase and gemini.
    9. ~ 10 minutes later or so, check in coinbase or gemini your ETH coins are there
    10. Sell your ETH to USD Cash.
    11. You can withdraw cash immediately or just let it accumulate a week then request withdrawal USD
  7. WALLLAHHHH!!!! you have consistent income

The main idea is to immediately convert your ARB tokens coin to Ethereum then to cash USD immediately. Use the free ACH transfer weekly or daily as you wish anytime, doesn’t need to be immediate.