message “crypto market plummets arb coin tokens continue to thrive” message “crypto market plummets arb coin tokens continue to thrive”

On Tuesday, November 20, 2018, 9:52:52 AM EST, David Peterson (ARB) wrote:

Just sending you an update/recap.
While the crypto market plummets, we continue to thrive!
Late last week we hit a HUGE milestone crossing 50,000 users, and as of right now our user base is at 50,590! We are growing at a rapid rate.
I know you are all anticipating a live stream and I promise one is coming shortly. We some substantial new features that you are going to love. These features are significant changes to the platform that will be rolled out in the next two weeks.
Before releasing them live on the platform, I want to ensure they are rock solid in testing which has delayed the live stream unveiling the first of several new innovative features being implemented.
*IMPORTANT NOTE* – As we becoming one of the top CMC coins this invites a lot of scammers. THE ONLY official channels on telegram are @ARBofficial and @Arbitragingsupport be very careful of anything else. Also remember our official admins YOU have to initiate the chat. No admin will message you first. No admin will ever ask for your passwords or keys.
Again – I want to thank you all for the suggestions you have been sending in, please keep them coming. This is OUR platform we have built together and we constantly strive to improve it.
We have only just begun!
David Peterson
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David Peterson (ARB)

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