Is micro managing each individual account and flag it the way they want to?

Some new users confirmed that after using for a while, when reaching their return of investment (ROI) value, they get messages saying payout delay, payout changes, resume soon on certain date, and lately today paypal has been disabled, and the only way to pay or withdrawal is via bitcoin (BTC) however that is not active either, user would have to wait til the following week, but getting message indicating it will get delay further and so on.

Some think that the giveaway $1000 and now $1700 to get more people involve. Now also have a $250 and $500 pack, but you can no longer use paypal. Only bitcoin. Sounds fishy? With paypal you can get your money back through paypal complaint, but with bitcoin, it’s a one way transaction, next to impossible to get your bitcoin back.

Some people now recommend people who pay as paypal should contact now to get their money back by disputing. For folks that pay with bitcoin would just have to hang on hope and pray that they’ll get paid, otherwise they will get tricked manipulated furthermore on sending more bitcoin. It’s a ponzi scheme method. In this case people clicked thinking they’re doing something so they’ll get pay, but those links clicked are simple affiliate link, some even have suspended website, luckily it’s not porn.


$1700 To Be Won This Month
We are hosting a contest for all our members to participate in and win a total of $1700.

See more info here. Giveaway Page

Welcome the Manager and the Boss With Amazing Bonus
We have added the $250 pack and $500 pack read more here.

Bitcoin Withdrawal Will Be Open From Monday 19th November 2018. We are sorry to announce that we no longer accept PayPal due to corporate directives that are meant to foster this platform in the rightmost business sense for both we and our users.