The only way to really make money on is to put it on aBot

Yes, you can really make money on, and the only working way I found so far is aBot. Just put your money in aBot and withdraw the daily ARB.

I’ve written a detail steps on how to do it under this same category of, just to recapture it quickly in summary of the main steps.

  1. Put $10000 into aBOT to activate investment, no reinvest.
  2. Withdraw ARB into Exchange to ETH
  3. Withdraw your ETH to Bitpay, Shiftcard, 10x … to USD or any cash fiat currency and wallah, cash to spend daily.

With $10000 USD, your daily withdrawal to USD is equivalent to $70, and it will take 5 months or less to get your return of investment back, and everything after that is pure 100% profit for life or for as long as the program project exist. The risk is the project go bye bye but it seem very unlikely it will go away for it will be active for another year or more, but again who knows.