WordPress 5.0 that will launch on November 15 2018

According to hostgator, there will be a new version of wordpress coming out on November 19th, 2018. I did a quick search and it is true that wordpress 5.0 will come out on november 15th 2018 or so. I think wordpress is the best, it’s like the microsoft software application of the internet. However the risk is high of getting hacked if we don’t harden the security on the server hosting wordpress, if not wordpress itself security. The more popular it is, the more hackers are aiming and trying to break it.

On Friday, November 9, 2018, 11:01:53 AM EST, HostGator wrote:

A new way to edit your website is coming soon! | View In Browser

Hey ,
A quick note to say that we’re excited to support the new WordPress 5.0 that will launch on November 19!

What’s new?
WordPress 5.0 includes the long-awaited Gutenberg editor. Gutenberg is the new block editor for WordPress Core that will replace the TinyMCE text block editor that you’re used to. The new block style editor functions much like a drag-and-drop website builder in that you can select “blocks” – such as images, paragraphs, headings, pull quotes, lists – and place them wherever you want.

Some of our favorite features include:
Use blocks to insert, rearrange, and style content exactly how you want.
Create rich multimedia layouts, even with limited technical experience.
Create custom-designed pages with the blocks exactly where you want them.
More functionality with less plugins.
When’s it coming? The new WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg editor will be available on November 19. You’ll get instant access after installing the new update – or if you’re signed up for automatic updates.

Get ready! Familiarize yourself with the new editor before it launches. Check out the live demo on the WordPress website.

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