If you think you can trick or outsmart arbitraging.co think again they have control

A lot of people feedback on arbitraging.co are now negatives, lots of negativity, maybe because the so call owner or CEO of arbitraging.co not being really active in communication with the ARB users communities, thus causing a lot of speculation on where arbitraging.co is heading. However there are still the half of the people believe and trust the project, some even had been hired and became admin in the arbitraging.co telegram group. Some people are in arbitraging.co are trying to cheat or outsmart the ARB platform, I can tell you it’s not easy.

It is not easy, and maybe next to impossible as time go by because it has been confirmed by all admin and even the CEO owner of the ARB platform that they have the right, and will change, and had been done, that they will change the way the ARB platform work in the future. The latest change was that they added the stop bot so people cannot go and out. Sure they have provided reason, but apparently many think the owner or whoever running this ARB program have so little experience and don’t know what to expect and just go with the flow and they can change any functionality and restriction they want to.

Again, arbitraging.co have control of the ARB platform, they can change modify or even shut down anytime they want, and none of us can do anything about it. Let’s hope that don’t happen, let hope that the program will continue to run and the cheaters not trying so hard to cheat the platform so that it doesn’t change. I truly believe that many people are making money, and many are making little money, and many many many just got in and realized it’s not easy to stop investing because of the stop price, it will be a loss if stop bot activated to withdraw investment, so they’re stuck, and withdraw just the profit daily hoping it will last 6 months or until the stop price match with ARB price.