coinstarter startercoin “Great news to report, CoinBox software is complete!”

This coin has been pending development for way too long, they released news once every 3 months or so to keep the community thinking it’s still active. There were a lot of people whom purchased their ICO coins over a year ago and received nothing but news every 3 months or so. Coinstarter said and always said at the end of their email “Good things do come to those who wait” for over a year, this should have been serve as an indication…

On Sunday, November 4, 2018, 12:56:29 AM EDT, CoinStarter wrote:


November 2, 2018
Great news to report, CoinBox software is complete! We’ve been busy with internal testing and are pleased to announce that we’re rolling out CoinBox for a limited number of users in the weeks ahead. This revolutionary software allows coin creators to reach qualified coin enthusiasts. Moreover, Coinbox members will have access to a variety of coins as they become available. Instead of a monthly paid membership, the CoinBox software will be a Pay-As-You-Go program when conducting a pull (collecting coins), you will need to use a little Ether and STAC to complete the transaction on the Ethereum network. We believe that this is the most flexible, affordable and viable model to capture the largest userbase. It’s simple, easy and fun!

In appreciation, all participants of the CoinStarter ICO who contributed one Ether or more are defined as legacy users. CoinStarter will cover all STAC transaction fees relating to CoinBox for legacy users, and they will also receive two years of uninterrupted access to CoinBox. Legacy users will only need Ether to complete a pull (collecting coins). Remember, this is a DAPP on top of the Ethereum network. As you know, this will make STAC a popular coin as CoinBox becomes the dominant player for geotargeting and direct targeting of digital coins.

For coin creators, the days of mindless airdrops are over. Instead of random distribution of coins to random wallets, Coinbox allows creators to distribute coins to active users and coin enthusiasts smartly.

Additionally, there are many more exciting applications that we’ll be introducing with the CoinBox technology outside the ICO space. We’ve already begun working on some of these new coin products, and we’re stoked about the unlimited opportunities for the CoinBox technology in the future.

Since the world is a big place, we will only provide CoinBox where we think it is beneficial to users. So until there is legal clarity with digital coins in certain localities, we are prohibiting residents of the United States, Singapore, and China to activate an account with CoinBox. This technology will be provided first to our legacy users who qualify and then to our general membership as we move out of the beta period.

On another note, campaigns are growing, and we continue to focus on quality as we develop this vertical. The revamping of the platform code is on schedule for both the desktop and the mobile version of our platform. The results will be a faster and more intuitive experience for users. Our goal is to release the new Coinstarter app in December 2018. We continue to make significant code changes to our technology which will better help us scale our platform as we move out of the beta phase of our project. Once we achieve these goals, the sky is the limit for the CoinStarter platform.

Good things do come to those who wait. There have been many difficult obstacles over the last six months to overcome in the development of CoinBox, but we’ve done it! Yes, we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Full execution mode for CoinBox and the entire CoinStarter platform is close at hand. Thanks again for your support and active input; we couldn’t have gotten this far without you.

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