is a new form of HYIP?

Recently I have came across a youtube video indicating a new program called I reviewed the video and did some brief research on google and also read the PDF file from the website.

I believe this is a new form of HYIP also known as high yield investment program, however it’s different because it have to do with you doing some work to get paid for the program. The package varies from $20, $50, $100, and maybe more in the future. The return of investment depend on the amount of money you put in. $20 for 10 days, $50 for 15 days, $100 for 20 days. Once again these may change, since these are non regulated projects/program online.

The good news is they accepted Paypal and Bitcoin, so it’s well know payment options. They also charged $10 for registration activation or so I heard from the youtube video, I didn’t tried it, although I had done a lot of HYIP in the past and I won some and loss many, luckily small amount just for experience. A lot of people online will fall for similar high yield investment program, even the experience folks like myself with HYIP will fall for it or think can outsmart the HYIP operator.

However with, I think it has potential to make money and stay active for a long long time, the domain although for 1 year, but very good domain name short and simple,