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I think this new should help push ARB coin price up a little bit. Hopefully the next few weeks will get more exposer more investors to come in and invest.

On Friday, November 2, 2018, 12:31:32 PM EDT, David Peterson (ARB) wrote:

The news just keeps getting better and better for ARB!
We went up against the other coins at the Shark Token Tank at World Crypto Conference… and… WE WON!! By a landslide.
What does this mean for ARB? You sitting down?

Free Listing On The New Bank Backed DX Exchange ($400,000 value!!)
$100,000 Sponsor/Exhibitor Package for WCC Next Conference
$12,000 value in KYC Services from BlockPass
Token Agency Gold Crypto Influencer Marketing Package ($50,000 value)
I have also been asked to be featured on a “Spot Light” Episode on the Bad Crypto Podcast which has tens of thousands of listeners live and ATLEAST 10x as much that download the podcast! HUGE ARB exposure!!
While I, as the CEO of Arbitraging am at the spotlight, it is YOU that has truly made this happen. Taking care of YOU and making what WE (the ARB Nation Community) have built with Arbitraging has been and will be my main priority.
With the new design of the front page, inside design underway, we are finally in a position to make a huge marketing push starting very shortly (within the next week it will begin). This exposure and the mainstream high networth investors that told me they are excited to come in brings such legitimacy to Arbitraging.
We have only just begun!
David Peterson
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David Peterson (ARB)

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