Quicken loans best latest technology innovation Your Escrow Analysis Statement and Payment Change

I’m glad I had chosen Quicken Loans also known as rocket mortgage for my house financing. They’ve innovated and always have new innovation to make life easier for all of us to buy a house. They’re schedule and do almost everything for you, all you need to do is answer some questions and they have the technology to connect your financial information via bank access to read your account and only look at the total in and total out, to determine what you qualified and wallah your new house is just a few clicks away, no faxing, no meeting with broker or come to broker offices here and there multiple times, the only time you need to meet them at broker office is to sign the paper to get the house.

Anyhow, lately my mortgage bill changed, and I got notified and they even explained on how and why it was changed and if anything I need to do on my side, and best of all, it’s on video which I love, who would want to read a book when there’s a video or movie on the book ? 🙂 me yes.