David Peterson at World Crypto Conference but did not deliver speech or presentation on arbitraging.co

As many people are watching live stream on youtube from a few arbitraging.co investors or people that really believe in it, David Peterson is indeed in Las Vegas and is in the World Crypto Conference.

Many people question why no speech or presentation at the scheduled time of 10am to 11am or so? Indeed it’s true no presentation was presented by David Peterson, however he is there and he is talking to people, it was a last minute change, last minute decision he made not to do the speech or presentation about arbitraging.co but rather meeting with people at the table one by one. At the same time, people who really believe in project and been on the project help out David Peterson to get people started with arbitraging.co

Will David Peterson present his arbitraging.co? according to the youtube live stream people, they said yes, later today during the think tank whatever that is, I have heard of thinktank before and it have to do with people talking gathering ideas feedback questions and answer and so on. Also it’s a smaller group of people. At the end of the hour that given or scheduled for him, look like David Peterson spoke on stage but it was just saying hi to all and his appreciation to the supporters and believe in the project. Token think tanks next, will see.

As a result of no speech or presentation on stage, and the group of people in the conference appears to be small. People online realized it, and the price of ARB crashing down from close to making $12 back to about $10. Let hope the token think tank will help the price, where the live stream folks said David Peterson will do the speech and presentation. Again, will see.