earning for today is 2.63 ARB based on a 10ETH $2000 investment into aBot

12 aBot active investment Profit – 29 arb in usd ( 6.11 ) Credit 2.6343854031067 2018-10-29 16:00:14

Getting real close to the world crypto conference days. CEO David Peterson will be speaking at the conference on Nov. 1st 2018. A few folks Arb Nation, including Crypto Austin and Adam Hole will be attending and will be live streaming as David Peterson speak about ARB coin, hopefully the result will increase the popularity of the platform for new investors to take part and help sustain ARB platform for longer time. I believe ARB is trying to do something better than Bitconnect, they learned from Bitconnect I’m sure and try to run longer than Bitconnect platform as it already dead.

So my investment earning for today in USD = $16.09 at the time aBot triggered earning. To get my ROI back, would take 4 months +