Understanding what arbitraging.co is doing is important before you put money into it

A well written comments from Arbitraging.co Telegram chat room.


As you already know, this is NOT a lending/staking platform, and it doesn’t pay interest. So some things are quite different and important to understand, such as this: As far as the ARB token, it is a UTILITY token. When you transfer ARB tokens into the aBOT from your ARB wallet, the platform sells them at the then value at top of aBOT called “ARB Price in aBOT” into a large ARB pool (NO lending or staking). Example: 1,000 tokens in wallet @ $1/token = $1,000 USD VALUE now in aBOt (NOT 1,000 tokens). Note that the aBOT under “Pending”, and “Active” says $, not tokens.) At this point, in the aBot, you no longer own ARB tokens! (Note: So you cannot participate in any token price growth with these funds since it’s not tokens anymore). This $1,000 USD now in the aBOT never changes, no matter to where token price moves.

The aBOT registers this $1,000 principal USD VALUE and arbitrages with it indefinitely, until you stop the aBOT.

When you withdraw your original $1,000 USD from the aBOT by using the “stop aBOT” button, you buy new tokens as the transfer happens from the aBOT to your ARB wallet. And you buy the tokens at the price in aBOT called “STOP PRICE aBOT”. $1,000 VALUE in, so $1,000 VALUE back out. If that “STOP PRICE aBOT” token price now at $5/token, you receive 200 ARB tokens back, but still your original $1,000 worth. $1,000 original value : $5/token = 200 tokens out.

The profits are paid out in ARBs by the BOT at the price in the “ARB Price in aBOT” price. So if you had $1,000 invested, and made 1% that day, you’d get USD $10 WORTH of ARB tokens (not 10 tokens). If the token price is at $1, then you’d get 10 ARB tokens. If the ARB token price were at $5/token, you would get 2 ARB tokens in profit paid out that day.

This is important to understand for your strategy as to how to maximize your available funds, so you do not transfer your tokens to the aBOT, assuming whatever tokens you gave the aBOT will increase in price as the token price rises because in aBOT you own no more tokens.