2.43 ARB earned today on arbitraging.co based on a 10ETH initial investment

1 aBot active investment Profit – 25 arb in usd ( 6.3595 ) Credit 2.4347499525349 2018-10-25 16:00:14

2.43ARB earned today based on a $6.36 = equivalent to $15.45 based on a 10ETH investment value at $2000 today, where or would give you $15 a day or not even $10 for a $2000 investment, only at arbitraging.co And I mean to say legitimate or last probably for a long long time.

As more news about David Peterson owner of arbitraging.co heading to Las Vegas to speak at the Worldcryptoscon becoming more realistic although not officially show up on the schedule speakers yet, but will see. At the moment, based on youtube and telegram chat, look like a lot of people are going there to see Arbitraging.co owner David Peterson speak.