Earned 3.14 ARB today based on 10ETH arbitraging.co investment

1 aBot active investment Profit – 18 arb in usd ( 4.793 ) Credit 3.1483756144848 2018-10-18 16:00:14

3.14 ARB earned today based on 10ETH initial investment at $4.80 per ARB is equivalent to $15

10ETH at current price of $206 based on poloniex USDT price is $2060. Now the total of ARB I have based on the historical transactions I should have a total of 389ARB. In the arbitraging.co internal exchange price $4.881 per ARB, meaning I would have  a total $1900, however the aBOT showing I should have $2082 which is confusing, how does that get calculated. Even with $2082, I only gained $20 with 3 weeks invested 10ETH in arbitraging.co platform. This doesn’t look right.

So let just based on what aBot showing how much I have $2082. Now let say I didn’t invest or buy ARB with my 10ETH. My 10ETH today worth $2060 vs. ARB investment $2082, I have only gained $20, that really sucks for 3 weeks. I gained more doing lending on poloniex Dogecoin lending.

On top of that (above), the stop price on aBOT STOP PRICE is at $7 make me looses more if I were to stop and withdraw now. How is it arbitraging profitable? I don’t get it.