Earned 3.65 ARB today on arbitraging.co based on 10ETH initial investments 8 days ago

aBot active investment Profit – 16 arb in usd ( 4.5103 ) Credit 3.6522380712091 2018-10-16 16:00:14

3.65 ARB at current internal exchange $4.85 = $17.70 WOW! that’s the highest I ever got but sadly aBOT STOP PRICE is at $6.85 meaning if I stop invest bot now I would have to pay $6.85 per ARB instead of my daily earning price each day. So when can I withdraw? the short answer is when the price of the aBot and aBot stop price balance or equal, but watch out, there might be a lot of people will withdraw and causing the price to rise again before your turn, seems confusing and complicated tricks perhaps, but for arbitraging.co it’s a way of being fair and have a long lasting platform.