North Korea will eventually dominant Bitcoin cryptos mining soon

As North Korea becoming more interested in the anonymous virtual money Bitcoin and many other cryptos currencies, they will be taking full advantage of their nuclear power to generate more than enough electricity to mine bitcoin and other cryptos.

Today many probably know that North Korea is among one of the world top producers of nuclear related products including weapon. Their nuclear capability now probably shifted or at least allocate some mine Bitcoin and other alt coins cryptos currencies. If this continue and North Korea realized the potential that benefit them greatly from using it to buy nuclear related materials anonymously to taking over all cryptos currencies with their massive power to have the largest pool of cryptos mining. For most if not all crypto coins including Bitcoin, the mining pool if reached to certain percentage of hash power such as greater than 80% of all other mining pool, the pool can take over and control that crypto coin. This is a known issue but apparently it never really happened, almost though, but the community did something to prevent it. But can the cryptos community prevent it again if North Korea were to hit mining pool with their massive power.

This is the link to Bitcoin mining pool status apparently as you can see it scattered, none of the pool have more than 20% power. Imagine if North Korea to go full blown in taking advantage of their Nuclear power to mine Bitcoin. However I think North Korea might encounter difficulty at first to get mining equipment or mining chips. But don’t under estimate North Korea capability, they could just obtain a few mining chips to study and replicate it, create their own chips without having to buy import from somewhere else , although they could through smuggling.

The good news I think is, we will see this as it happen based on the transparency of the Blockchain. We should see strange activities or at least knowing new mining pool coming onboard or hashrate from some unknown source increased to the limit of it could potentially cause relay attack and stealing bitcoin. Honestly I don’t know exactly how this work, but I’m sure the documentation or some articles published in the past would explain this clearer in detail on what happen when a single mining pool have over certain percentage of mining power over all other pools.

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