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BOS Newsletter – Dec. 26th, 2017

Development Updates
Although we can pretty much agree that creating an ERC20 token would have been much easier, we also hoped to learn and gain from the experience of running a separate consensus protocol and this would also help in creating our own consensus protocol. As you probably know, BOScoin’s current consensus protocol is more or less identical to Stellar’s Federated Byzantine Agreement, or SCP, but we have been working to modify FBA to better suit our project. We are currently testing an Advanced Federated Byzantine Agreement model and proof of concept is currently under way, as well as a full request code review. A second model has already completed code review and testing of reaching consensus within a quorum. We are also trying to downsize the traffic of FBA to improve latency by gathering up all traffic within a timeframe to a single bundle.

Trust Contracts will be programmable and approachable using ontology and below is a simple diagram on how to understand the flow. Testing of prototypes are currently being made for the flow to work in use cases such as transfer and raising of funds.

Trust Contract Flow

Exchange Updates
Listing on exchanges is a process, and these things take time. Any anxiety our community members are facing is the result of being a part of a startup developing a new blockchain platform, so anyone considering buying our token should be interested in the long term prospects of BOSnet, and have some patience. Don’t focus on short term gains. Our advice for everyone in our community is to research our project and wait for an exchange to list our token (note: OTC peer-to-peer trading has many risks and we do not recommend it!). Unfortunately, we cannot disclose anything regarding the exchanges because we have signed non-disclosure agreements with some of them and simply mentioning the name will adversely impact the listing process. We are in contact with multiple exchanges and some are struggling with API integration and some feel uncomfortable with our platform structure because some fear BOScoin to be categorized as “security” – viewing BOScoin to be an investment tool which was explicitly stated that it is not in the Terms & Conditions of the fundraiser, but serves as a utility for the growth and development of the eco-system. We are working around the clock to resolve this issue.

It’s important to know about blockchain technology in order to understand how our project will create real sustainable value. We have a well thought out plan for the BOSnet platform, and a long term development road map which goes beyond just the BOSnet platform, but also developing many business and technology use cases that go beyond just a smart contract platform. We are working every day to make this a reality.

We are focused on meeting the goals of the project as outlined in the BOScoin White Paper –, with past updates to the development road map published on There will be development updates in the near future.

We are in the midst of a technological revolution, and there are some who are not capable of understanding, appreciating, or handling the ups and downs of being a part of a project such as ours, and that is ok. Know your limits, and please don’t broadcast your anxiety or fears on our community. There are many solid members of our community, who understand our long term vision and that it does in fact take time to build a new blockchain platform. Thank you for your support in our vision.

Users who spam, by posting over and over again, their illogical fears, and anxieties will be moderated for the overall health of our community. We do not censor criticism, but personal attacks against members of the team or community will not be tolerated. The community plays a part in moderating both the slack and the forum, and on the forum users can flag other user posts for review. Any user who is flagged repeatedly may be restricted or suspended based on their own actions. Be respectful of other users, and know if you are a toxic user then actions will be taken up to and including suspended access to our official communication channels.

Distribution Status
We are 81.79% complete with token distribution. For the most part these are bounty tokens, but we will continue to processes these requests twice a week. If you have not requested your tokens then please follow the claim instructions.

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