Reason why you should dump CellNuvo immediately and never deal with them again

Reason why you should dump CellNuvo immediately and never deal with them again, you’re better off using real carrier, otherwise you will get run around problems and issue paying a few dollars less.

Dear CellNUVO Customer:

If you haven’t noticed – version 2.71 of our CellNUVO app is live in the Google Play store!

With this comes some other changes that are really awesome.

You can use your Silver and Gold to pay for any cell plan with any of the major wireless carriers and our partner carriers too.

We are encouraging all customers to go to and pick an awesome monthly plan from Red Pocket, and then you can use your gold to pay for it.

There was a bit of confusion regarding the infinite plan with Red Pocket (basically between how we originally set up the plan and Red Pocket telling us how they built this plan, we misunderstood some of the nuances which caused various misunderstandings and incorrect expectations). As a result, this plan will not be available after this year ends. All customers who are on the Infinite plan must select a new plan before the end of the year (or will lose service on January 1). Those who are already on one of the Red Pocket monthly plans will not have to get a new plan. With Red Pocket, you will have a plan that is renewed each month by simple taps in our app (store section). It will generally take less than 24 hours for the payment to be processed with Red Pocket and the Gold deducted from your account – it will be longer for other carriers.

Best part is that we have even more Silver earning opportunities allowing for a better plan with more minutes, text and data. Whatever plan you choose the app will still be able to guide you to earn enough Silver every month to get your new plan for FREE by using your Gold balance to pay it all. We have some great new partnerships that, in the future, will allow you to use your Silver and Gold in a multitude of ways, far beyond just cell service.

If you choose to leave our current carrier partner and pick any plan on any of the major carrier, you can still use your Gold to pay your new carrier’s bill. However, you will need to request that payment be made well in advance of your due date as payments to other carriers currently require a different process that is much slower (it could take anywhere from 48 hours to 7 days for them to receive and process the payment, which is totally out of our control). You can add your account info in the store, and we will, if you have enough Gold, pay your bill for you.

This is a bit of a change, but this is a really good change, since moving forward, those that have the capacity to handle network related support issues will be able to solve your problems directly, instead of going through our support team. Of course, our support team will still be there and have now more time to help with any app related issues, so don’t hesitate to reach out to them [email protected].

If you already have an account with us, and have the app installed, the update shouldn’t require you to do anything other then go to the Google Play store and install the update. Some users MAY have to enter in their account info, so you may want to write that info down before you update (your account info can be found under the Account Info section within the CellNUVO app, you can use the word NUVO as an activation code).

If you decide you would like Red Pocket to remain your carrier for service, please contact them at to see if your number is able to be reactivated. Once you have an active number, please check to make sure that number is correct in your cellnuvo app (make sure you’re using most up to date version). If the numbers are different, please let me know so we can update your account. Once you have active service and the number is correct, here are the steps for using your gold to pay for a plan (the infinite plan is no longer supported):
In the updated cellnuvo app: Go to store
Go to Pay My Red Pocket
Enter in account info
Enter in the amount you want to pay red pocket – if you want a $10 plan, enter 10 gold for example (you can view Red Pocket’s plans on their site).
Click start purchase
Please let me know if you need further assistance. Thank you.

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