Latest BOScoin update “TokenNet Newsletter” “How to claim your BOScoin”

Latest BOScoin update “TokenNet Newsletter” “How to claim your BOScoin”

From: BOScoin
Sent: Monday, October 30, 2017 8:40 AM
Subject: TokenNet Newsletter

Newsletter – October 30th, 2017

Ladies and gents, tomorrow is the big day! Hope everyone is as excited as we are. TokenNet will be live soon and we are doing our preparations as best as we can so that every process goes as smooth as silk. To do so, you need to read today’s newsletter extra carefully. Please read through and pay extra attention regarding how to claim your BOScoins!


Web-wallets will be available upon launch. You will not be able to create your account before because your Web-wallet needs to register into the blockchain. You can access your Web-wallet by clicking on “Wallet” on our website and follow the instructions on how to create your Web-wallet. PLEASE KEEP YOUR SECRET SEED AWAY FROM PUBLIC EYES. We cannot stress this enough. DO NOT LOSE IT. Store it somewhere safe. If you lose your Secret Seed, there is nothing we can do to recover it, so do be careful.

How to claim your BOScoins
If you have participated in the pre-sale, fundraiser, and/or bounty program, you can receive BOScoins by following the instructions.

A brief summary of the flow is as follows:

Create your Web-wallet.
Send the Public Address of your Web-wallet from the same e-mail you used to participate in the pre-sale, fundraiser, and/or bounty program to [email protected].
Send your full e-mail account and Public Address again via Telegram. The Telegram ID you are looking for is [BOS_tokennet]. Beware of the caps.
If the information of the e-mail and Telegram message do not match, it will be put aside for further review, so make sure you are sending the right information.
Do not send any pictures, your Secret Seed or any other information whatsoever. Just your e-mail and Public Address.
If the information matches, we will send BOScoins to your Public Address and a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you upon remittance. Check if the correct amount has been received.
In case of any issues, send us your query at [email protected].
IMPORTANT : If you feel your e-mail account has been hacked or if you feel your e-mail account has been compromised in any way, DO NOT follow this process and alert us immediately. Send notice of any issues with your email account to [email protected].

The extra process of matching the contents of the e-mail with Telegram is to ensure the validity of your Public Address because there is a possibility that contents of your e-mail may be altered while reaching us. We will contact you separately via e-mail if any information does not match or we feel the need to confirm with you once more. We are aware that you wish to receive your BOScoins as soon as possible and we will do our utmost to send you what you have been waiting for as fast as we can, but the matching process will be carried out manually, so please understand that it will take some time to validate your information. Sending your information exactly according to the how-to guide will ease and quicken the verification process for us.


We have asked two firms to take a look at our source code and Web-wallet, and both have confirmed that there isn’t any point of vulnerability. A group of white hackers were not able to breach the network so we can pretty much say that the network is safe, and we plan to make periodic checks with the help of multiple security firms to prevent anyone tampering with the source code.

TokenNet Release Note
You can find our TokenNet Release Note by clicking TokenNet Release Note and see the purpose and objective of TokenNet, including policies and how TokenNet will run. It should provide a clear understanding on what TokenNet is and what we are trying to achieve. A short summary of the TokenNet policies are:

Transaction Fee will be set to 0.001 BOS
Redistribution ratio of Transaction Fee will be token holders 7 : Commons Budget 3
The minimum requirement to receive redistribution of Transaction Fee is 10,000 BOS
Only the Top 3,000 holders of BOS will be eligible to receive redistribution of Transaction Fee pro rata on a weekly basis.
The Minimum Balance will be set at 0.1 BOS. An account must hold at least 0.1 BOS and cannot go below the minimum balance.
For further information on the logic behind the policy changes, please check out the TokenNet Release Note.

As we mentioned in our last newsletter, progress regarding exchanges has been slow and we plan to let the community know where to write and demand to list BOScoin. As you were probably aware, HitBTC will be the first platform where you will be able to trade BOScoin and cash deposits and withdrawals will be possible very soon. We have been in contact with the major exchanges for months now, and if we do not see a significant progress from the exchanges within a few days, we will let the community know.

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