Latest BOS coin update “BOS Newsletter October 23rd, 2017”

latest BOS coin update “BOS Newsletter October 23rd, 2017”

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Subject: BOScoin Newsletter – 2017 Oct. 23rd

BOS Newsletter October 23rd, 2017

If you were wondering why you didn’t receive a newsletter last Friday, it’s because we are sending it on Mondays from now on:)

Development Updates
TokenNet launch is due next week and our devs are saying it is ready to go live apart from a few configurations that need to be finalized. The flow of transaction fees are also being monitored but no problems have come up so far, so we expect a smooth launch at the end of this month.

We have received confirmation from one of the security firms that no point of vulnerability was found regarding our code and the Web-wallet which is good news, but the other firm which we have asked to take a look still has not submitted their report. We will let you know on further developments regarding security.

Homepage and Forum
The renewed homepage is going live this week! The old homepage was looking somewhat shabby, we must admit, but there have been major design modifications and updates will be made regarding the team, development roadmap, etc. For the upgrade, some work needs to be done and we will be shutting down the website on the 25th of October and the website may be down for two days at most, so don’t be surprised if you are unable to access our website.

A forum will be added on the new website as well and we will have further information on how the forum will run later on, but the official policy is our primary channel of communication will be on the forum. Announcements and major topics of discussion will be posted on the forum and though we are not planning to abandon Slack or any other social media platforms right away, we expect a gradual migration.

Tests have been running for a few weeks now and we are grateful for the community’s comments and suggestions. Minor UI modifications are still being done to the Web-wallet, but will be complete within a few days. A manual will be added in the website on how to use the wallet and what to watch out for. We will also let you know how you can claim and receive your BOScoins, but this will be announced in a separate piece, so please do stay tuned.

TokenNet Release Note
TokenNet launch is only days away now and we are planning to release a ‘TokenNet Release Note’ that contains a comprehensive policy guide regarding TokenNet. Although TokenNet functionality will be limited and is only set to last until the launch of MainNet, a coherent set of rules and policies are necessary and the general public should be informed of such policies. The note will contain all the policies and details that should provide a clear and complete picture about TokenNet.

We are aware that many of you are concerned with BOScoin getting listed onto exchanges. We have set out to launch TokenNet on the 31st, but getting listed on the exchanges is a totally different issue. We feel your concern and realize people are getting anxious and rightfully so. However, we believe it wouldn’t be prudent to reveal any names of the exchanges and how they stand at this stage. There are many things to consider before listing a coin and the current climate surrounding cryptocurrencies are making exchanges hesitant in some countries. As mentioned in our previous newsletters, we have contacted over three dozen exchanges and we acknowledge you want to know who they are and which ones have responded positively, and we will reveal the names of those who are positive in due course, but only when it is an absolute certainty. Revealing the names who have turned us down or are moving slow is the last resort because the exchanges may hold that against us for future considerations. You need to understand, the exchanges are calling the shots in this current environment and we do not wish to push them over the edge. If we do not see things get done by the exchanges, we will call upon the community to give us some supporting fire to write to the exchanges demanding BOScoin to be listed, but TokenNet isn’t even out yet, so this may be a little too early.

Have You Met… Yezune Choi?
The person we would like to introduce this week is Yezune Choi, our CTO and co-founder of BlockchainOS, the mastermind of everything leading up to this point:) He is a visionary/dreamer and likes to refer to himself as an anarchist but still keeps his faith in the system – a system that is based on blockchain. He is not so much of a classical introvert, but is shy and does not like to reveal himself that much, so it was quite hard to make him sit down and answer to our interrogations;)


After graduating university with a degree in Computer Science, Yezune joined the military as an officer and stayed in the military for five years before becoming an entrepreneur in the IT industry. He has managed several businesses, developing educational software, mobile applications and conducting software quality assurance for larger companies, such as LG Electronics. Yezune became interested in blockchain when he was involved in a cooperative. The economic network of a cooperative functioned similar to a torrent file sharing network, according to his opinion, and so dug a little deeper in how peer-to-peer networks worked so that he could improve the IT infrastructure of the cooperative, and found Bitcoin. Although still in its early stages, he was convinced blockchain could change everything. Yezune saw the potential of blockchain and after extensive research, he launched a local cryptocurrency based on Litecoin for the citizens of Suwon, a city south of Seoul. This was probably the first cryptocurrency to be in circulation in South Korea and he could witness that cryptocurrencies work for everyday users in the real world. As his conviction grew, he started working on the white paper and developed the concept of a blockchain platform that incorporates easier smart contracts and a governance feature with a Commons Budget that can be used to enhance the ecosystem.


Yezune also calls himself an anarchist because he believes the current system has too many flaws, especially regarding distribution of wealth and thus keeps a distrust of the current governance system. He seeks to, and firmly believes, changes can be made with blockchain for the better, regarding redistribution, social transparency and productivity. Yezune is a complex person and has many interests and ambitions for BOScoin. Fully homomorphic encryption, secure multi-party computation and zero-knowledge proof are among the immediate interests that he wants to see implemented to the project at a later stage. He also likes to see blockchain combine with AI, a model that enables higher production while maintaining trust.

RIF (Random Interesting Fact)

Yezune has a wife, two children and two dogs. The two dogs came up to Yezune’s doorsteps and refused to leave, so his family took them in. Yezune would like to know how to make the dogs stop biting. If anyone has a good tip, please let us know. We will pass it on:)

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