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Newsletter 2017-10-13

Development Update
As we have described in our previous newsletters, TokenNet network will be on servers around the globe and so far we have been using Seoul, Sydney, California and Frankfurt as our instance location. It seems Frankfurt is slightly lagging compared to the others so we have replaced Frankfurt with Tokyo. This was to improve the performance of the network and for those of you in Europe, you need not worry, the network will be just as good for you as well(웃음)

Tests and observation regarding redistribution of transaction fees are ongoing but we do not yet have any solid results to share. In the mean time, as we have mentioned before, we are still deciding what the transaction fee should be. It is described in the white paper the transaction fee to be 0.01 BOS, but there are concerns that it is too high. However, if set too low, some may be unhappy by the tiny amount they will receive as it will be the only source of reward during TokenNet. It is hard to find an equilibrium between the two so the appropriate number is being debated. We will be releasing a “TokenNet Release Note” so you will be informed on the result of the debate, as well as being provided with the complete picture of TokenNet before the launch.

Test Web-wallet and Security.
We are currently still in the testing phase of our Web-wallet and the Test Web-wallet has been moved from Stellar to our own network. Minor modifications are constantly in progress so you may experience some inconsistency with the Web-wallet. Regarding security, we are still waiting on the final report. We are told by one of the security firms that they should be able to provide us their final report by early next week. It seems code analysis is almost done.

Have You Met… Scott Matheina?

Some of you are probably already familiar with Scott as he is handling a huge chunk of questions in our community. Given the passion and dedication he has shown throughout, we thought it would be a good idea to formally hire Scott to handle Communications. So, this week we’d like to introduce you to our newest addition to the team, Scott Matheina. Scott will help grow the global community and will be based in Dallas, Texas but for the first month or two will be spending time with us in Seoul.


Scott brings to BlockchainOS over 10 years of Operations Management experience, and a deep curiosity for new technologies. Scott’s interest in computers started in 2010, when he first decided to learn basic HTML and PHP. He began hosting his own blogs using self-hosted wordpress. Over the years, he started finding open source projects to download, and install on his own VPS servers to see how they worked, and learn more about programming and Linux server administration. Through his work with Linux servers, he became a big fan of Linux/GNU, and started researching how to contribute to the Linux kernel. He was successful in submitting several basic kernel patches, and enjoyed being a part of a large open source project. While in graduate school, Scott continued to research open source projects, and became interested in Blockchain technology. In May 2017, Scott graduated with a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Dallas. He discovered BOScoin 30 days prior to the May fundraiser, and immediately became a daily contributor to the slack community.

RIF (Random Interesting Fact)

Scott and his wife Ann own land in the Philippines, and plan on building a vacation house in Silay City, Negros Occidental with plans to eventually retire to the Philippines.

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