You will get hacked forever if you have cryptos currencies bitcoin account somewhere

I’ve been receiving this message forever, and similar websites I signed up to also getting something similar. Someone, hackers whoever got a hold of my login name and password. Luckily these are all empty account, but still better to be safe than sorry. If you no longer use the account, then delete it or turn on 2FA, like google authenticator or Yubi key, or text sms code …

bitcoin account getting hacked? turn on your 2fa
bitcoin account getting hacked? turn on your 2fa

From: HashNest
Sent: Tuesday, September 26, 2017 5:46 AM
Subject: Remote Login reminder


At 2017-09-25T17:48:56.184+00:00 your account was from an unkown IP address.The details are listed below:
Action Type: Web login
Browser: Chrome
Platform: windows
IP Adress:
Location: Czech Republic; -; –
If this is not your own operation, please contact us via this link.

Thanks for your support!

– The Team at HashNest