Latest update from “CoinStarter & Businefy” scam yet?

Latest update from “CoinStarter & Businefy” scam yet?

Short answer: too early to say, but look coinstarter is still at stage 1. Below is the latest update from coinstarter.


Sent: Saturday, September 9, 2017 5:36 AM
Subject: Introducing Businefy

We’re excited to introduce another suite of products for the Coinstarter community.
CoinStarter & Businefy

Meet Businefy
A platform providing all the essential software to fully manage all aspects of your business from project management to hiring to payroll and more.

Best of all, you can access all of Businefy’s services with CoinStarter Coins.

Transfer Coinstarter Coins onto your Businefy wallet and use it throughout the Businefy ecosystem.

Businefy is a powerful utility that will help you grow your business from early stage startup to growth-stage company.

Businefy is committed to Blockchain innovation.

Get Started at

Start using Businefy from CoinStarter
We are finalizing our technology development before launching our ICO.
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