Alternative to CELLNUVO been down for three weeks is TELLO?

CELLNUVO been down for over three weeks now, some people was able to reactivate but finding out it’s Redpocket cellular service, some were able to make phone call out in and texting, many are not. Many were not even able to reactivate. Some that got activate with Redpocket noticed their # changes to area code 331 which is Chicago. Many sent email to cellnuvo customer service only got generic respond.

So what’s the alternative? TELLO. Currently there isn’t any special discount other than the 15% off. So basically you can get $5 for 200 minutes and 200 text or so. Discount 15% + tax and fees come out to be $6 a month which is not bad. Luckily I use TELLNUVO not as permanent # but rather alternative or additional to my main line, so I didn’t get as much frustrated as other users. Many Cellnuvo customers use as their main line some even business line and now have to suffer.

Cellnuno service active again but most everyone got new phone number issued