Bittrex sent an email “Fraudulent Sites and Phishing Scams”

Bittrex sent an email “Fraudulent Sites and Phishing Scams”

This is a known issue now a day being on the internet, do not trust your web browser or antivirus software to protect you on this. It is best practice for a person to learn how to use the internet correctly. Do not click on link from email or web pages to navigate to certain websites especially to your financial bank accounts. Instead the best practice is to login to the website manually. Meaning let say you want to log into paypal, it’s best to type in your browser than clicking on some link that say click here to login to paypal account. Sometime the domain is so closely the same such as notice the two “ll”

There has been an increase in fraudulent sites and phishing scams targeting Bittrex users with the intent of obtaining usernames, passwords, and two factor codes.

To protect yourself;
When you want to visit the Bittrex site, type directly into the browser address bar and then bookmark the site. Only use the bookmark to visit the site.
Be vigilant when using links and check the full URL address before entering your credentials. The only real Bittrex site is at and our support site located at
Do not deposit funds to a wallet address that you receive in email, Slack, or social media. Bittrex will never tell you to do this.

Bittrex actively monitors and takes down fraudulent sites that are maliciously or erroneously using the Bittrex brand. If you see one of these sites, please report it to us via twitter to @BittrexExchange.

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